Making a Financial Decision?

You’ll need a spreadsheet for that! You don’t have a dog and bark yourself; let us do the heavy lifting. We listen. We ask questions. We understand. And then we document, build, test and deliver your solution. That’s what we do. We are in the business of delivering thoughtful, elegant solutions to the problems and questions that you pose.

Weapon of Choice?

Excel of course. You know it. We really know it. Everyone has it. We know that too. Could you use something else? You could. But we wouldn’t be able to help you then.

What do We do Differently?

What do we do differently? Unlike 99.9% of other Excel users, we think before we build. We listen to what you have to say. We ask you questions. We take the time to understand what a solution would look like. And then, only when the solution is apparent – we build.

When we build we make things consistent; we apply themes that adopt your company style; we use the appropriate tool for the job – no sledgehammers for walnuts here. We reconcile – oh do we love a reconciliation! We show you where to put things. And where to find things. And we summarise, summarise and summarise again. Or not – if you like big things, we can leave them big. Then we T.est E.very S.ingle T.hing.

Then do we drop you in the deep end? No. We hold your hand. We give you instructions. We show you what to do. Then we wait and see what you think. We iterate until you are satisfied. And once you know how to fish; we send you fishing.

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